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Materials Recieving

The majority of Meshtec’s raw materials are sourced from highly skilled manufacturers throughout Asia. Meshtec maintains strong strategic relationships with the suppliers of its most important raw material, stainless steel wire.


Meshtec has developed a proprietary method of weaving mesh using larger spools of wire. Through our advanced technique, we can product significantly high quality products, reducing the occurrence of defects.


We use 304 or 316 grade stainless steel mesh, along with custom designed and engineered weaving machines in our manufacturing process. We can consistently produce mesh at this quality level and produce the wide range of mesh sizes required by our customers.

To weave defect-free high-tensile wire mesh, we have invested countless hours in research and development. Meshtec has developed a completely unique plant configuration to produce the world’s highest quality high-tensile stainless steel woven mesh, which is free from visual and other defects.

Unlike other weavers, Meshtec focuses only on producing high tensile mesh. We only weaves mesh in response to a specific customer order and produce to the customer’s individual specifications. While other weavers ship their products in rolls, we ship our mesh in flat sheets to ensure that their product is not damaged in transit.


The cutting process involves cutting down the woven mesh as it proceeds from the loom to convert it to large sheets of mesh that can than be powder coated. As the mesh leaves the loom, specialized cutting equipment shears the mesh into large, usable sections.

Surface Finishing

Meshte’s superior powder coating capabilities enable customers to select the coating surface finishes required to perform well in the most challenging applications.


  • Gold Interpon D Approved Applicator of Akzo-Nobel’s Interpon D610 on stainless steel mesh substrate
  • Certified as an Approved Applicator to coat Corro-Coat PE-F Façade and Corro-Coat PE-SDF Super Durable, which are produced by Jotun Powder Coatings.

Akzo- Nobel and Jotun Powder Coatings are the world’s leading powder coat suppliers.

Meshtec has designed and built an automated in-line pre-treatment process and powder coating lines. Our mesh is powder coated to withstand 10,000 hours of external testing – the equivalent of 100 years of normal use – with no visible signs of corrosion. With our application accreditations and ISO 9001 coating standards, we displays the highest level of coating performance. Surface finishes are also available in a wide variety of colors.


If a customer wishes to act only as a distributor, Meshtec fabricates and ships finished screen doors and window screens. Steps in the fabrication process include cutting the mesh and sash to the required dimensions and fixing the mesh into an assembled aluminum frame. Our premium quality product uses a wider frame, which allows a greater area of the mesh to be held within the frame, increasing security.


Meshtec provides customers with high quality protective packaging across our entire product range. The various types of packaging utilized are designed according to the different type of products, as well as the mode of transportation to be used in distribution.


Meshtec works with a highly reliable network of shippers to ensure all products will arrive to customers on-time and undamaged. In receive competitive shipping prices and excellent service, Meshtec maintains relationships with a variety of shippers for both air and sea freight.

Online Capability

Upon receiving each customer order, several important steps take place. The manufacturing schedule is consulted to ensure that the product can be produced in the time required by the customer. Also, pricing for the order is checked for accuracy and the order is confirmed with the customer. At that point, the order is entered into the order application system and the Oracle ERP system and production is scheduled. At each subsequent point in the process the order is rechecked for accuracy and completeness. The Purchasing and Import team ensures that all necessary materials will be available at the plant when they are needed for production.

When manufacturing begins, the input materials assembled are rechecked against the customer order to ensure a precise match. After manufacturing takes place, the Quality Control team and the Warehouse team serve as the final tier of rechecking all of the details of the customer order.

Following their final verification, the order is released to the export team.