Material Receiving

The majority of Meshtec’s raw materials are sourced from highly skilled manufacturers throughout Asia. Meshtec maintains strong strategic relationships with the suppliers of its most important raw material, stainless steel wire.

Every process is done in house with our expert team who are trained to control every single step throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure quality.
Weaving Experts

We have invested countless hours in research and development to create a completely unique plant configuration to produce the world’s highest quality high-tensile stainless steel woven mesh.

Customized Cutting

The cutting process is done with specialized cutting equipment including a state of the art advanced laser-cutting machine allowing for high degree of customization of cutting to fit any shape of form.

Superior Surface Finishing

Specially designed in-line pre-treatment process and powder coating lines. Our mesh has been independently tested to withstand 10,000 hours of continuous salt spray – the equivalent of approximately 100 years of external exposure – with no visible signs of corrosion.

Piece By Piece Fabricated

Steps in the fabrication process include cutting the mesh and sash to the required dimensions and fixing the mesh into an assembled aluminum frame. Our premium quality product uses a wider frame, which allows a greater area of the mesh to be held within the frame, increasing security.

Packing With Maximum Care

High quality protective packaging is utilized for our entire product range. The various types of packaging is designed according to product type, as well as the mode of transportation to be used in distribution.

Reliable Delivery

Meshtec works with a highly reliable network of shippers to ensure all products will arrive to customers on-time and undamaged.

Superior Surface Finishing

Upon receiving each customer order, several important steps take place. The manufacturing schedule is consulted to ensure that the product can be produced in the time required by the customer. Also, pricing for the order is checked for accuracy and the order is confirmed with the customer. At that point, the order is entered into the order application system and the Oracle ERP system and production is scheduled. At each subsequent point in the process the order is rechecked for accuracy and completeness. The Purchasing and Import team ensures that all necessary materials will be available at the plant when they are needed for production.
When manufacturing begins, the input materials assembled are rechecked against the customer order to ensure a precise match. After manufacturing takes place, the Quality Control team and the Warehouse team serve as the final tier of rechecking all of the details of the customer order.

Following their final verification, the order is released to the export team.