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Originating in Australia, MESHTEC was founded to fill a gap in the security screen market, using a leading edge process to fabricate high tensile stainless steel security mesh, free from the defects normally caused by weaving high tensile steel wire. Today, Meshtec has evolved into a worldwide leader in stainless steel high tensile mesh with a range of superior screen solutions.

Meshtec® Awarded Platinum, Gold & Silver Accreditation For Powder Coating From AkzoNobel”

We are proud to announce that we have been certified Platinum, Gold and Silver ‘Interpon D Provision Applicator’ for stainless steel and aluminium substrate by AkzoNobel and are the only company in Thailand that is certified for approved applicator for stainless steel substrate.

Our wide range of accreditation and expertise for powder coating helps ensure a quality product for our customers.

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Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
Genuine Meshtec stainless steel mesh is woven to a high-tensile strength, with each strand of wire individually tested to stringent international standards.<br /> While our screens may look like ordinary insect screens, our stainless steel mesh passes tough Knife Shear Testing to prove its superior strength.<br /> Meshtec's mesh and componentry is powder coated with a patented special formula designed by Meshtec to ensure corrosion resistance and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing.</p> <p>

Security Windows

Meshtec Security Windows

Meshtec Premium Security Doors and Windows are world class quality products that help protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors. Meshtec procucts are available in a wide variety of configurations and colours to suit your personal requirements.

Security Doors

Meshtec Security Doors

Meshtec Premium Security Doors are world class quality products that help protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors.

Child Fall Protection Screens

Meshtec Security Doors

While there are a number of products aimed at securing windows against child falls, many are not lasting solutions or fit seamlessly within the home design. Meshtec International has developed a barrier screen application designed for windows that….

Fencing & Balustrade

Meshtec Fencing & Balustrade

Our Meshtec stainless steel mesh can extend in spaces from floor to ceiling, staying tense at differing angles, and can be bent over corners. The flexibility and durability of our mesh allows our customers to create attractive and secure fences, which allow for ventilation and excellent visibility.

Hurricane Screens

Meshtec Hurricane Screens

Like other Meshtec screens, products made using our mesh provide tough security without darkening the home, or restricting airflow. Our screens can withstand flying debris during a storm, which can result in significant property insurance savings, and give occupants peace of mind.

Vandal Protection Screens

Meshtec Fencing & Balustrade

Meshtec’s stainless steel woven mesh is an excellent material for creating vandal protection screens, which provides protection in applications such as medical facilities, universities, detention centers, colleges, public schools and public housing developments.

Production & Quality Control
Every step of the manufacturing process is performed in house with our expert fabrication team, who are trained to control every single step throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure high quality and freedom from defects.

Material Sourcing

The majority of Meshtec’s raw materials are sourced from highly skilled manufacturers throughout Asia. Meshtec maintains strong strategic relationships with the suppliers of its most important raw material, stainless steel wire.

Customized Cutting

The fabrication process is performed with specialized cutting equipment, including a state of the art advanced laser-cutting machine, allowing for a high degree of customization. Our security mesh can be cut to fit any shape or form, or fitted to shape any fixture or property.

Superior Surface Finishing

Meshtec security mesh is specially designed with a build automated in-line pretreatment process and powder coating lines. Our mesh has been independently tested to withstand 10,000 hours of continuous salt spray – the equivalent of approximately 100 years of external exposure – with no visible sign of corrosion.

Packing with Maximum Care

High quality protective packaging is utilized for our entire product range. Our packaging is designed according to product type, as well as the mode of transportation to be used in distribution to ensure a flawless delivery of every order.

Reliable Delivery

Meshtec works with a highly reliable network of shipping and distribution experts to ensure all products arrive to customers on time and undamaged.

Weaving Experts

Meshtec’s patented weaving process allows for use of high tensile stainless steel wire in our security mesh. This material is normally extremely difficult to use weaving applications; our expertise in using this material allows us to incorporate it in our process, free from the defects that normally inhibit its use.

Piece By Piece Fabricated

An important step in the fabrication process includes cutting the mesh and sash to the required dimensions and fixing the mesh into an assembled aluminum frame. Our premium quality product uses a wider frame which affixes a greater area of the mesh within the frame itself, increasing security and product durability.

Quality control

At Meshtec, we implement and operate a number of key quality control procedures throughout design, production and fabrication processes. Our quality control processes are second to none and we undertake quality control through every step of the manufacturing process.

Internationally certified laboratory

Meshtec security mesh and products pass performance requirements in accordance with Australian Standards (AS). We are the first manufacturer to be laboratory certified under ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 (TIS.17025 – 2548) for knife shear testing with accreditation from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry Thailand.

OEM | Dealer
At Meshtec we understand the need to have local representation, as such we are always looking at potential partners who have experience in the Fenestration industry to become dealers and fabricators of our products in there given country.
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“Meshtec Awarded Gold & Silver Accreditation for Powder Coating from AkzoNobel” We are proud to announce that we have been certified Gold and Silver “Interpon D Provision Applicator” for stainless steel and aluminium substrate by AkzoNobel and are the only company in Thailand that is certied for approved applicator for stainless steel substrate. Our wide […]

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