Aesthetic qualities

Our engineers design, create, and deliver state-of-the-art security solutions that are innovative and attractive, combining aesthetic principles with unparalleled protective qualities. Meshtec’s products won’t compromise your home design but will instead enhance its architectural appeal. Unlike traditional security bars and grills, our invisible security screens allow for an unobstructed view, while providing the best in personal property security.

Ideal for family use

Meshtec screens can stand up to wear and tear from the busiest of families, including scratch resistance for pets and the toughness to withstand repeated force and continual opening and closing. Our screens will also protect doors and windows from impact damage such as the kind inflicted by sports gear or storm debris.


With multiple color options, Meshtec’s products can be used in new construction or repair and remodeling, fitting into any type of door or window system, whether aluminum, PVC or wood framed. We can also design a diverse range of products outside doors and windows, including fencing, patios, enclosures, and skylights.

Uniquely Suited for Coastal Environments

Our products are ideal for use in a variety of geographic locations, including challenging coastal environments. Our mesh is powder coated to withstand 10,000 hours of accelerated weather testing, tried and tested to resist corrosion and degradation in any coastal environment. The strength of our screens also gives added protection from storm debris encountered in unpredictable weather conditions in tropical or storm vulnerable locations.

Pest protection

Our tightly woven stainless steel mesh will keep out mosquitos, flies, and other airborne insects. The puncture and tear resistance of the mesh will maintain a barrier to insects throughout your product’s life, leaving your home pest free.

Energy savings

Our products will allow you to take advantage of natural ventilation rather than air conditioning, whilst still maintaining your peace-of-mind that your property is secure.

Reduction of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Entering the Home

Our black-coated mesh filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays that would otherwise enter and heat your home. This will keep your home cooler and protect fading of carpets and furniture, as well as protect against skin irritation from Ultraviolet exposure.

Designed for Ease of Installation in the Field

Despite Meshtec’s sophisticated design, our product is easily installed into homes and businesses by our trained team. In fact, we require less time to install than other home security measures, reducing the cost to our customers.

Genuine Meshtec stainless steel mesh is woven to a high-tensile strength, with each strand of wire individually tested to stringent international standards.

While our screens may look like ordinary insect screens, our stainless steel mesh passes tough Knife Shear Testing to prove its superior strength.

Meshtec’s mesh and componentary is powder coated with a patented special formula designed by Meshtec to ensure corrosion resistance and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing.

Our patented mesh also filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays without restricting views or air flow.

Genuine Meshtec premium mesh is made of high-tensile stainless steel manufactured at our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility.

2. Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
Our products have an unsurpassed resistance to forced entry by burglars and intruders. Our products are far stronger than insect screens, which are typically used for window applications. While flyscreen can easily be cut with a penknife, our woven stainless steel mesh passes knife shear testing without damage to the screen and is tear and puncture resistant.

Genuine Meshtec is:

  • Superior in strength
  • Architecturally appealing
  • Clear vision
  • Air flow and circulation
  • 60% UV blockage
  • Protection from flies and mosquitoes
  • No bars
  • Easily used entry and exit points
  • Custom made applications
  • Impact resistance

High-Tensile High-Quality Mesh

Meshtec works exclusively with true high tensile wire, which is a very specialized product. At very high tensile strengths, the elongation properties of wire can vary in unpredictable ways; it can be difficult to weave such mesh without creating defected products. Meshtec uses a unique technique to weave high tensile wire without free from any defects. Unlike other weavers, Meshtec focuses only on producing high tensile mesh, which is made in response to specific customer requirements and shipped in flat sheets to ensure mesh cannot be damaged in transit.

Architectural Appeal

Our engineers have dedicated significant efforts to ensure our products meet the high aesthetic standards of the current market, producing designs that enhance the architectural appeal of homes, while maintaining cost effectiveness and robust functionality, even in challenging applications. We will work together with you to design a product that meets your exact specifications and offer innovative solutions for security products that match your current product offering or customer requirement.

3. Componentry by Meshtec
To accompany our stainless steel mesh, we can also supply all components required to complete final fabrication of finished screens. Componentry includes aluminum sash, hardware, handles and locks.

For customers wanting to use our Meshtec fixing system, we provide specially designed aluminum frames that are made from T5 aluminum for extra strength. Our fixing system is the subject of multiple international patents and has been specifically designed and developed to ensure product strength, integrity and security.

Manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T5) aluminium for guaranteed durability and strength. Meshtec’s internationally patented fixing system is purposely designed and developed to ensure durability, security and reliability. Our sash passes and/or exceeds applicable Australian Standard Testing. Multiple colour options available, allowing the product to be incorporated into design requirements or to match existing premises.

Only tested security hardward is selected to guarantee our customer a high-quality and reliable product. We offer our patented ‘Multi-Point-Locking System’, a Meshtec designed product that uses one simple lock handle to engage and disengage all locking points on the product. Our handles, locks and hardware is tested for years of trouble-free use.