“Meshtec takes ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future.”

In 2007, as part of our long-standing commitment to continuous improvement and environmental sustainability, Meshtec became one of the first companies in Northern Thailand to implement ISO14001 to systematically improve environmental management.

Meshtec has always been aware of the importance of environmental conservation in many ways. Environment management, waste management, and water management are used to both develop a sustainable business model and benefit our customers, stakeholders, employees, and the local community. We are committed to running a business with no harmful effects on the environment and surrounding communities and on reducing costs leading to higher levels of production efficiency.

Following this commitment and pledge, from mid-May through September 2021 we have installed 2,492 solar panels on 4,984 sqm of our factory roof area to generate clean and renewable energy.

The “Solar Rooftop” MESHTEC Factory Energy Saving Project involves installing solar roof panels of 996.36 kWp on the factory roof to generate electricity at 1,545,603 kWh/year which can reduce and offset the carbon (CO2) emission at 1,095 Metric tons per year, or the equivalent to planting 32,250 trees. It is estimated to decrease electricity costs by 276,093.97 AUD/year.

To meet the challenges of unsustainable consumption and climate change we are in collaboration with partners, staff, customers, and our community to grow on our principles of Quality, Value, and Virtue.