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Majestec Customer, Jeffrey Raymond

Jeffrey Raymond – 26 August, 2012

I write this letter to express my sincere thanks to you and Meshtec Security Screens (M) Sd. Bhd for the wonderful job done at my new house, which I must say has been very well organized and also well fitted with your Majestec (Meshtec) Screens.

When I first bought my new house I had signed an agreement with the developer that we could not change the fascia of the house, and that included the use of grills or any other material that would change it. Although my new house was in a gated and guarded community, I was concerned that I had no second line of security, except for the alarm supplied, and this was a worrisome issue for me, as on most days I had to air out my house, and to do this, leave windows and doors open and unattended. I also had to worry about insects such as mosquitos, and of course the usual problem of rodents and other disturbing things such as Lizards, as we had food laid out and also stored.

Luck had it I came across your product, and after a visit to your showroom, I was convinced I had found the perfect product to solve all my problems, and at the same time feel comfortable with the knowledge that I could have total security, plus protection from all the insects and rodents that I was concerned about. Also I was secured that your Meshtec Screens would not affect the fascia of my house, as it could not be seen. This was one of the many very important aspects of using your Meshtec screens.

I today live in my house with a complete feeling of security, and on most days leave many windows and doors open, to allow airflow during the day, and many windows open at nights, thereby keeping my house a lot cooler, and in a way saving on cooling bills. I sleep with the feeling of total security and can safely tell you that I have disconnected my alarm (it has 17 zones) which was a big bother, and also very difficult to manage.

I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your product to any customer, especially those with similar requirements as me, plus want the added benefit of leaving the house looking normal, unlike the many beautiful houses we see, with the usual iron grills, and flimsy mosquito and insect screens.

Last but not least, I thank you for the great after sales service you have been providing me whenever I need some adjustments done. Your concern for your customers is exemplary.

Managing Director of Dino Paint Ltd.

“Home is a place that we have to protect from outside intruders and Meshtec is strong with nice design”

Interview with Khun Lena Asawateera, Managing Director of Dino Paint Company Limited, a valued customer of Meshtec Premium Security Doors & Windows.

I walked the Architect fair a few years ago at Muengthong Thani, came acrossMeshtec’s offering and thought what interesting product! It looked firm and nicely designed, compatible with either UPVC or aluminum. It is very strong and can also protect from mosquitoes. I visited the showroom and asked for a site survey and quotation. I compared Meshtec with other products but they did not fit my requirements as they obscured views and were operated with motors that might be harmful in the event of fire. For aesthetic qualities, Meshtec prevailed over competitors.

The reason why I chose Meshtec screens is because I wanted to keep safe from thieves and I think safety first is better. If we compare Meshtec screens with emergency alarms these can be disabled by cutting electric cables before intruding into the house so something that protects from intrusion is better. Meshtec is a good choice for this with its strength, design, and fine hardware. It is everything I was looking for my house. I was worried about obstruction of views however this was not a problem with Meshtec‘s products.

Home Security, Kuala Lumpur

Prior to moving into our then new house in 2010, my wife and I had come across an advertisement in the papers about Majestec security screen systems in 2008. At the time, the company selling this product in Malaysia, Meshtec Security Screens (M) Sdn Bhd. was located in Penang.

We made arrangements to visit their showroom and were very impressed with the range and designs of security screens available. There are a variety of finishes and designs to choose from and to suit every design requirement.

When it came to deciding on the type of security arrangements for the doors and windows for our new house, without hesitation, we decided on Majestec security screens. We installed these screens for half of our house windows and doors facing the front while the rest were fitted with mild steel grills. We were really impressed with the security screen features such as strength, filtering out dust and insects as well as cutting out glare from sunlight. The house felt cooler with the reduction in glare too. The screens were fitted with very robust locks which did not require keys to open from the inside which is very important for escape purposes in case of fire. On top of these advantages, the screens were also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. We did not want any unsightly mild steel grills for the front of our house.

The strength of the Majestec screens installed by Meshtec Security Screens was proven when unfortunately our house was broken into by burglars in October, 2012. The burglars entered through a room window at the back of our home and this was fitted with a mild steel grill. The burglars had pried open the mild steel grill easily as the burglary took less than an hour. Fortunately, our family was out for dinner during the burglary.

The police who came to investigate found that the burglars had tried initially to break into our home through the front window of the dining room but failed after repeated attempts. This window was fitted with Majested security screen. There were hammering marks on the screen, evidence of Majestec security screen’s strength. This led to the burglars turning their attention to the back room window with the mild steel grill which they defeated quite easily.

Learning from this, we decided to install the rest of our home with Majestec screens which we promptly did the following month. We also installed the latest home alarm system as well as a CCTV system. All these combined to give my family a very secure sense of security for our home. The most important part of the home security we have are the Majestec security screens as they are proven and without hesitation, we strongly recommend the Majestec security screens to anyone looking for a secure, safe and aesthetically pleasing security barrier for their home windows and doors. The added functions of filtering out dust, cutting out glare from the sunlight, preventing entry of insects and most importantly easy evacuation in the event of fire makes us very glad we have made this product our choice for our home security requirements. We have been recommending this product to everyone we met ever since.

Mr. Tawsit Eeammongkolkan

Mr. Tawsit Eeammongkolkan, owner of a construction firm and one of Meshtec’s valued customers has told us the reason why he chose and relied on our products.

Q : Why did you choose our products?

A : Our family loves to swim. So, we thought to build a standard-size pool on our deck at the house. At first we thought to enclose the pool with glass mirrors to protect the water from contamination with rain water. Then I had learnt from friends that the glass mirrors added the heat into the pool and the air was stiff. We, then thought to install the A/C. After some calculations, I didn’t think it was a good idea. However, when I had a chance to listen to the sale representative from the company, then it rang my bell.

I conceived an idea to enclose the pool with the security screens and discussed it with them.

Q: What did you feel after the installation?

A : Fantastic. The air wasn’t stiff. I didn’t feel overheated, and beside, I don’t need an A/C at the pool. The product was made from quality stainless steel and it stands against the weather and rust. I learnt that Majestec™ screens are not limited to only doors and windows. They can be made into anything, it’s just up to your imagination.

Attempted Break In, Thailand

Ms. Warunee Phromhitir Conti, an engineer at the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority of Thailand, is one of our prestigious and valued customers who have given their trust to Majestec™ Security Doors and Windows. Today she kindly retold her experience when burglars attempted to break into her house:. “It happened around 4 p.m.when my family and I went to the convenience store in the village. I thought that it would only take a little time and I didn’t want to lock all the doors and windows, so I just locked my Majestec™ Security Screens.

When we returned I saw the fence opened, I hurried in only to see that the padlock had already been cut.

I panicked and imagined that the house had been burgled. I ran in to take a look at the Majestec™ Security Screen installed in the front and saw pieces of cutter blades on the floor but the door was still locked and safety secured with only some slight shear marks on the mesh. The same thing had happened with the Majestec™ windows installed on the sides. I checked the security camera and saw that three hooded burglars using lock-cutting pliers had managed to break through the fence easily. They then tried busting open the front-door security screen to no avail. Even the cutter couldn’t make it through. They then tried the windows but the result was the same because I had installed Majestec™ Security Screens throughout the house. After a while they gave up and fled”.

Why I Chose Majestec Screens

One of our customers, Ms. Kanchana Chiempitayanuwat had told us why she chose our products.

“When building a house, and you know that you need to install the insect screens and grilles into a house. And you know it is a must for most of us. I believe not so many of us like the grilles,because they look ugly and become rusty easily after a while. It also makes your house look dull and uncomfortable to live in.However, I have no choice as I had no idea whether or not there will be a replacement for this kind of thing.

I have two little girls at home. So security is utmost important for us. Well, when I had a chance to go to the exhibit and looking for some sort of grilles. It was a surprise to see Majestec™ products on display. The word ‘security screen’ triggered me. I had never heard such kind of thing before. I had no idea what it was. Then I consulted a sale representative and learnt that the security screen was more like a traditional insect screen, however it was more sturdy and anti-theft. Yeah, I really like the product. It gives you a clear view, and plus it doesn’t make your house look untidy. I did some research at home later on and visited the company website and learnt more of the products. I thought I made the right decision.

My house still looks nice as it was and nothing to impede my views from the outside, unlike the traditional grilles. The air isn’t blocked too. I can tell you that Majestec™ security screens are the best possible choice for me. It makes your house look awesome and secure.”

Former Police Officer, California

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Majestec Security Doors, Southern California

Home Alarm System Failed, Los Angeles

This customer explained that she learnt Home Security Alarm Systems were not enough to protect their home and loved ones. She installed Majestec Security Screens for peace of mind and a secure security solution.

Majestec Security Doors, Southern California

Meshtec Customers, Malaysia

For the last three years we have been desperate to move back to living on the ground after condo living for 10 years. We have always been put off by the petty crime and burglary concerns here in Kuala Lumpur.

After finding our dream home we were now faced with how to protect it. How can we take long holidays and short weekends away without having someone to house sit for us ? We have researched every type of security there is here in K.L, we were not satisfied with any. Who wants to live with prison bars on all the doors and windows, not us. We have a stunning jungle outside our front door and wanted to maintain all the views.

After making an appointment with the Meshtec representative we were convinced this was the security system for us. We watched the video with great interest, how can mere mesh keep out intruders. All was explained in great detail leaving us with no doubt this was the way forward for us. We have had every window and door fitted in our house and we are delighted with the feeling of safety it has given us. It was never about anything but security for us, and it has certainly lived up to its promise.

We are now able to have all our doors and windows open any time we like with no risk of intruders. We have no issues about going on holiday or taking short breaks away, no house sitter required. My husband can travel on business and leave me home alone in my very safe environment.

Thanks Meshtec for making us safe & sound.

Kind Regards,

Garth & Alison Byard

Australian Fabricator, Alspec

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